Free Staff Roster Excel Template

Create your staff roster in seconds with our free staff roster .xlsx template

Step 1) Download Your Template

Download your free Excel roster template from the above link. Run it and click "Enable Editing". This will let you enter your shifts in the grid.

Step 2) Enter Your Staff Details

Type your staff names and hourly rates into the excel spreadsheet under the "Name" column. After that, you can optionally fill in your employees working hours (Number) and hourly rates ($).

Step 3) Fill in your shifts

Fill in your shifts on the grid. This is typically done in the format "9:00am - 5:00pm". You can optionally add areas/positions, time-off entries or comments directly into the grid cells as well.

Step 4) All Done!

Once you have crafter your perfect staff roster, you can save it as a PDF file for printing, or email it directly to your staff.