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The fastest way to create, print and email employee schedules free online. Try our easy staff schedule maker tool.

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Easy Roster Generator

Create an online employee roster in 2 minutes with our free online schedule maker tool. Enter your staff shift times in the first time box, their position (optional) and any further notes. Download your roster in PDF format in one click with the "Download PDF" button. Open this file and click 'File > Print' to print your generated roster.

Share Rosters Online

Once you have created your roster, you can share a link to view your roster with your staff members. This can be done via the "Save & Share" button at the top right of the toolbar.
This will provide you with two links:

View link: This is the link you send to your staff members. They will have read-only access the roster you have created.

Edit link: This is a link where you can edit and save your roster. Once saved, users viewing the above view link will see your updates. This is very useful, as it allows you to make changes to your roster without resending a new link to your emplyoyees.

If you would like to allow another staff member to have edit access, you can set an Edit Key. This option is available after you click Save & Share on the toolbar. Anyone with your edit key can make changes to your roster.


Staff schedules shouldn't be difficult or costly to create. That's why we've developed an easy, no-frills method of creating your employee rosters in seconds. If you require a fully-featured staff rostering solution you can Save your rosters, copy your schedules and email them directly to your staff - all under one intuitive web interface. ScheduleBee is the simplest staff rostering solution.

Need to create your roster on the go? Download our Free Staff Roster Excel Template in seconds.